Less Delivery Stress

When you need enough of a type vegetable, bring it in-house, and grow it on-site, no dirt needed!

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It doesn't get any fresher than harvesting fresh vegetables and fruits for your customers.

100% CLEAN

NUTRIENT Dense, CLEAN and Local, that's your garden harvest from your property.

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Healthy, Clean, Fresh Harvested on Demand

About Us

Aeroponics farming is gaining "ground" faster than ever imagined.  With resorts and restaurants depending on fresh produce for their guests, fresh, healthy, and sustainable are the ongoing rave of uniqueness.

Several resorts, stadiums, restaurants are finding the "farm" to table is truly possible when it comes to using the aeroponic systems which can take up as little as a 40'x50' properly designed room which would typically take numerous acres in traditional farming.

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Your Own Aeroponic Garden

Aeroponics Gardening in an Itsy Bitsy Room!

The origins of Appalachian Advanced Farming started in a 12'x12' room in the basement of Joe's home. Scaling naturally requires a bit more room but that goes in to supplying more than just the home. Today, Joe consults resorts, hotels, casinos, hospitals, multi-dwelling units and more to bring FRESH HEALTHY Food back to the table.

If you are a Resort, Restaurant, Venue, School, University Campus, any large scale where FOOD is a must, the plan can be adapted to meet the needs of your organization, let's talk about providing a unique experience to your guests, clients, customers, or tenants. Simply schedule a session or call (855) 624-6262. You can also send a contact form request from our Contact page. 

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Why Appalachian Advanced Farming

When Your Guests Expect More,

We Understand and Help You Deliver!

YOUR Fresh Veggies

Your own vegetables, on the root, fresh for weeks. <30% less waste.

Plan Design Implement

When you need a local expert, we're with you from start to harvest!

You ARE the Supplier!

When you cannot afford to go without, run short supply, & MUST keep it fresh!

The Aeroponics "Farm" to Table Movement

It WoWs and Makes Happier Guests!

Presentation is everything when serving guests. 

Nothing tops FRESH, Nutrient Rich, Healthy Food, NOTHING!

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